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Quote of  the Day: “Popularity's a weird thing. You can't really define it, and it's not cool to talk about, but you know it when you see it. Like a lazy eye, or porn.” ― Lauren Oliver

I have been watching blogs and vlogs, like i lately been doing a  lot and realize that i do have to promote my self more. Many people does it, so why do i have the fear to do it  also, or expect people to find me when  they don't know i am there?....

I am part of several social networks that i don't use, to many to keep up with and these are great promotional tools, gaining dust in the tool box or waiting for me to close them. So its time to do some clean up and start promoting my self shamelessly. First of all i am a Model with the side addition that i  blog. The benefit of this is that I can apply the modeling technics I learned in my styling and pictures and practice it also. Thinking twice now, I don't really think the model term does fit much here because what we do is style. we don't have a room set of people to style us and i think there is where many miss-understand the term model on second life. To be a model on second life it is required to have stylist skills, some have it naturally and some learn it, either way you will never stop learning and growing it. The other requirement is being able to promote yourself. Nobody will do this for you, it will not fall from the sky into your lab and if it does miraculously, can you keep it also? 

With that said, on to my self promoting skills that need to improve and to kill the fear of doing this. 

My main promotional tools i am using is:
Facebook profile/pageRecently and after Facebook decided to clean up most second life accounts, i created a page where i have almost all the people i had on my friends list added and it the first place i will post my blog post to keep track of my pictures and don't lose them all but i will also share it on to my facebook profile, because i cant deny it i do find the page boring and cold when it comes to communicate with other people, so still add me on both and i wont disappoint you,I am also easier to reach on my profile  than any where else.
Flickr photostreamFlickr is a major, huge must  have as a model and blogger. it benefits in such a great way and also can keep track of the work you do. Lets be honest when asked for a picture many will ask for your flickr account, so its a great way to promote your skills.
In world groups: There are so many you can choose from, which is why i will not mention any preference and it is up to you to check which benefits you the most. don't forget to check, who the group is aimed to, the type of members in the group; can be bloggers, shoppers, models etc. How many will be able to see you blog post, meaning how much members does the group have.

Other promoting tools i have but don't use much:
Google+: I am a fan of Google and the second life community on Google is huge.
Twitter: Oh twitter thy Twitter, why do i have you? don't laugh i have it but dot use it, i should start at least posting 10 tweets a day to give it life.
Moolto: Is a great way to start promoting, no matter what area you specialize in. 
Plurk: So far I have only been using it for when the arcade opens but i guess it can be more useful than that. I should start using it more, lets say 5 plurks a day? to much? 3?
Slxconnect: The Secondlife version of facebook created by a second life user.
Slxsocial: Is the second life version of twitter created by a second life user.
Secondlife profile: Maybe you dont know it but under the trending  tab in your secondlife profile you can see what pictures other people post on there  profile and so they can also see what you post and who knows you may get a new follower just like that.
Monogram:  Its a real tool for fashion where you can connect to many and also automatically add your blog post from there to other blog sites. You can create a magazine where many can post in it also or you can post in others that relate to your post. - still checking  what else its good for. 

After so much written is time to relax but a goal i do have is to start having 3 post a week, might be hard to keep op with but i can do it. By the way this is partially how you can promote yourself online but nothing beats  doing it inworld, meeting new people, visiting events and shows.

p.s. This is the longest post  I ever written. face-palms

I hope you enjoy my post. kiss kiss

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Disclaimer: I  will not be adding all of the links used combined with the featuring items, but feel free to search the names for the rest of the clothing  if desired or send me a message asking about it.


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