Day 14 - Up to no good

Where the wind takes me

Sometimes i dont really sit and think what i would be doing  in a year or so, or what do i see my self doing in a year of so. One thing i do know about my self that i don't like planning things to much time ahead, most times it don't end the way i planned anyhow, i guess that has a part to do with me being a Pisces and yes  i like my horoscope.  i should get a tattoo of it. :D but yeah, if i dont really know what i will be doing in a year on second life how can others think they can make me do what they want in the next year. I can say have fun trying because it will take much more than simple things to actually make me change my mind and so far i will continue doing what i love. I'm a water sign after all, i can easily adapt my self to any situation, same way the water easily fit in any place it fall. one quote of my favorite painter:

“The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.”

― Vincent van Gogh

Then why should I?

up to no good

Style Me: 

Dress: Egoisme Scoop Neck Dress - Sorbet

Accessories:*BOOM* Nature's Crown (romance mix)/ [Iruco] gacha / Butterfly sunglasses (mix-1)[arcade]

Hair: [LeLutka]-SWISH hair/Dark Grayscale

Pants: Schadenfreude Cloud Kneehigh Socks/ {Sugar Heart} Sweet Factory Tights ~ Cotton Candy {Lilac}[arcade]

Shoes: The Secret Store - Vintage Roller Skates - Silver

Furniture: MIAMAI_TCS_Matt Unicorn Purple RARE [arcade]

Furniture: Tiki Tattoo - Raft Lounge - Mesh

Disclaimer: I  will not be adding all of the links used combined with the featuring items, but feel free to search the names for the rest of the clothing  if desired or send me a message asking about it.


Zivaah Darling

Second Life professional runway- print- Model,

blogger, stylist, and in-store model 


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