Day 13 - Diamonds in the sky

Diamonds are Forever 

Some Great News every one!!

JCNY MODEL'FEST, Official News

The Judges have decided to extend the May Edition of MODEL'FEST into June. We need to see more entries from everyone to have a fair choice of winner. Make sure you enter MODEL'FEST for a chance to Win 15k and Prizes this June... See details attached!

If you haven't sign Up yet, take a taxi to the JCNY store and pic up the note card for more information. Taxi!!

click for bigger picture.


Not many knows, but its this contest last year that started my interest in becoming a second life model, August will be making a year now and again JCNY is holding the model'fest contest and I wil be trying out again for it.

Now here will be the part that is crazy to see but i will be posting my application pictures from last year first then next i will add the pictures i took for this year application. I must say its a drastic change but not only in physical but mentally too, i learned a lot and still dont regret  that  i have chosen this path.

Last year Model'Fest pictures:



And now to the  Huge Change!! This year Model'Fest:

JCNY - MODEL'FEST May - Zivaah resident pic 1

JCNY - MODEL'FEST May - Zivaah resident pic 2

JCNY - MODEL'FEST May - Zivaah resident pic 3

Style Me: First Picture

Top: GizzA - Pure Romance Blouse [Satin White]

Jewelry: JCNY - 'DIVINICA' Collection, Hyper-Gems Necklace

Hair: tram  C407 hair / black

Style Me: Seconde and Thirth Picture

Dress: GizzA - BOSL LE ROUGE

Pants: Izzie's - Feet black (less sheer)

Jewelry: JCNY - AnnaCollete - PRIVATA Hyper-Gems Necklace Set

Hair: tram  C409 hair / brown&black

Shoes: **Dirty Princess** Sexy Little Maid Princess Boot

Disclaimer: I  will not be adding all of the links used combined with the featuring items, but feel free to search the names for the rest of the clothing  if desired or send me a message asking about it.


Zivaah Darling

Second Life professional runway- print- Model,

blogger, stylist, and in-store model 


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