Day 15 - All the things she said

Yes I lost my Mind

A song that constantly keep coming to my mind when, when i think of the stand fr love event is t.A.T.u. - All The Things She Said, two girls feeling trapped  and judged by everybody because of a choice they made. When you ask somebody what does love mean for them, they explain it to you in a way that does not define love gender-wise, then why do people feels the need to judge and give opinion on what love means for anybody but themselves   I always thought that everybody is different then why cant love be different too. everybody have their right to accept it or not accept it but what we don't have right is to enforce  our opinion on an other. Love is what we feel in our heart, just that simple doesn't matter for who.

Stand4love zivaahdarling

This is NOT enough!!

ye si lost my mind

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