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Quote of  the Day: “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” ― Victor Hugo

Sometimes i think, is it we women  that are to difficult or wanting to much from the men surrounding us? The same old questions keeps coming with the sentence , women are from Venus and men and men are from mars but is this actually true? is it so hard to understand  us? 

Travelling on second life i keep encountering the same issue over and over again. Unless you are not capable of being "open minded" and be open to any kind of approach, you don't know how to have fun. When did it become to be seen as a sexual object and a piece of meat  similar to be open minded? When was having a random fun conversation equal to boredom? Is it that because we are on second life we are incapable to to talk to the other gender with out one side expecting it to lead to something more for example, cyber sex? Now you must walk around the sims afraid to talk to any random stranger because they automatically think you are interested in that "special kind of fun" and that even one single dance is a lead way to more intimate fun.

Women do it to is what i hear most times and i know it happen but have we lost the respect for our self or did  our craving for the attention from the other gender lead us to want it so badly that any kind of attention is good even when we know the emptiness it will leave behind after the action. I still don't see the fun i can have jumping from one random stranger to an other and even, even  worse to see it done to you like you are just a doll there with no feelings or emotions, basically one of those weird looking sex dolls.

I don't deny women equally crave the feeling of intimacy like  any other but how long can you be happy with just that hit and run action? What women want is simple, attention and even the ones that been hurt so many times that they became the predator.
I guess this was a rant  but, hey its a bit disturbing  sometimes.

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