I'm breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus

Quote of  the Day: “Reality doesn't impress me. I only believe in intoxication, in ecstasy, and when ordinary life shackles me, I escape, one way or another. No more walls.” ― Anaïs Nin

Swallow keeps giving us more and more goodies and this time its something for the new phat azz lovers. Swallows released the long asked for appliers for all of her skins. So far i have seen it look very realistic and the skin match properly even when i do have a bubble but, which  was the reason for me to run from the sims where ever  i stopped  to take a picture. All i could say was save me and run.

One thing i did notice with the clothes appliers and i dont know if it was only for me but they keep disappearing with each item i add or change of wind-lights. now what i wonder is, if i am the only one seeing me naked or can other see you also,  and i bet they saw  me when i was reapplying the pants but not much could be done, i needed clothes on for the picture and the general sim i was on. It was really fun after all  running around and derendering  people.

I hope you enjoy my post. kiss kiss

Style Me:
Outfit: :
::LC:: 3rd Eye Playsuit Phat Azz Applier Included
Swallow Skin Jahaira Peach blonde E. 5 (C) 
- with slink and Phat azz appliers
*L.inc* Phat Azz
RO - Photographers Eye - Purchase Container
!Drakke! "Elektra" Fetish Ankle Boots (Black/Black Heel)
Action Mesh Hair Darmody Veganic

Disclaimer: I  will not be adding all of the links used combined with the featuring items, but feel free to search the names for the rest of the clothing  if desired or send me a message asking about it.


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