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Quote of  the Day:“The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise.” 
― Maya Angelou

The 24
August 23rd-31st, 2013
24 Amazing Menswear Designers...
24 Wonderful Womenswear Designers...
24 Fabulous Home Designers...
24 Marvelous Pose Designers...
1 Week...
Will you be able to snap up all these hot limited edition exclusive finds?
You can find more information on the Siren website and of course i will be adding more info on my blog, like calendar, times and much more.

Today i didn't know where my styling would take me and i had so much to think about but in the end i see that no matter what happen i am doing what i love, even when its not the first choice but it is a choice i made to do. before trying these pose props from Elephant poses, i didn't know what to expect but i was already wearing my elf ears. yes today was one of those days where i wanted to be in a fantasy world and my ears are part of it. I have always love elf's which is one of the reasons why i love the lord of the rings too. I saw all the parts in the theater because it was the best setting to experience the drama even when i had to sit 3 hours  in the dark room and drink bunch of pepsi but it was well worth it. I know what your saying , im crazy. can't deny it!

 Now this exclusive and limited pose prop called the killer queen could had been a bit more dark and dangerous but sitting in it with my ears  made me feel like the elf queen. It is a really versatile throne and would fit many castles or rooms if you don't want to use it just as a pose prop, like me it fits my garden  beautifully  with the flowers and grass. If you have seen the movie the secret garden, you would totally understand the feeling i get sitting there. second life may be a fantasy but its a happy fantasy , one we choose to enjoy and if you don't enjoy it any more then it don't serve its purpose nay more.

 by the way i finally made it to collabor88 without crashing and i pick out some very cute items, like the Ison razzle pleated pants in camel, the Tb sequined top in gold and the Monso my hair in yong/brown because lately i been paying more attention to my season colors. It is very hard to stick to your season color even when it will look awesome on you because i cant deny i love bright bold colors.

I find out that my season due to my skin , hair and eyes color puts me  under the warm autumn color pallet. It is hard to choose because sometimes im very close to deep autumn. now you may ask what im talking about, here is a guide to finding your best colors; Seasonal Color analysis. It gives you a more detail description of what season you fall under and what colors will make you stand out.
I must say i love the winter season colors but yeah i have to  work what my momma gave me right?

Enough rambling  for today  hopefully depends how hard my muse is working  but don't forget to have a look at the 24 event starting soon. Kiss kiss. 

Pose prop:

Disclaimer: I  will not be adding all of the links used combined with the featuring items, but feel free to search the names for the rest of the clothing  if desired or send me a message asking about it.


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