Day 8 - Colors of the World

Spice up your Life

I will start by saying that i am not from the UK but  every time i see an outfit in the UK colors i cant help but think of Spice Girls, Really  when they came out was my time. I even had those huge platform heels that i could barely walk on but i loved them and cursed my sister for stealing them and running around on them. I never knew how she could do that but yeah, nobody worried around that time about a broken ankle i guess.

Now Spice Girls is not the reason of this post but a show for a friend of mines a brand new store and she made this awesomely cute UK dress, that i will be wearing in the AFI/Countdown fashion show.


click for bigger picture.

UK girl


Disclaimer: I  will not be adding all of the links used combined with the featuring items, but feel free to search the names for the rest of the clothing  if desired or send me a message asking about it.


Zivaah Darling

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  1. OMG what a dress! Yessy, SO Spice Girls! hahaha!!!

    Also... with apologies for short notice... Gym Group Photo today at 2p:

  2. hi vaneeesa i cant , i in a show modeling and have other right after it sooooo sorry




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