Day 3 - The Beat

Acrostic Poem Meme

for this day three, i saw a fun meme on Strawberry Singh blog and im planning to do it too, i mean 30 days a blog, what ever theme i get will do . this is a huge challenge for me so i hope to complete it. This kind of poems is hard for me with English not being my first language so i had to cheat a bit but didn't find something that interested me that much. I like poems a lot , which remind me as a teen i had to say a poem for in front a lot of people and the character  speaking had to  be drunk. it was so funny which remind me that poems can be funny too even when i prefer the inspirational poems. so i did use the  cheat site , she suggested but of course i went and search my own  too.

Here is the result with the cheater sites suggested by Strawberry on the Acrostic Poem:

Z is for Zealous, brimming with enthusiasm
I is for Inquisitive, a seeker of answers
V is for Visionary, a dreamer
A is for Alluring, drawing people in
A is for Adorable, melting hearts to mush
H is for Hopeful, nothing keeps you down

D is for Delightful, your company is much enjoyed
A is for Articulate, you have the gift of expression
R is for Rare, you are a gem
L is for Lovable, to know you is to love you
I is for Intelligent, a problem solver
N is for Nice, a sweet soul
G is for Grateful, always showing appreciation


For the site I found that is Amazing in my idea  Acrostic Beat Poem Generator

Now you must ask what is a beat poem?

A revolution started by the beat poets that mainly dealt with issues such as censorship. Accordingly, many beat poems are vulgar or obscene in nature, not only to foil censorship laws, but to be free, kickass poetry. The beats are typically considered pre hippies. The revolution started with what was called the Sixth Gallery poetry reading. At this reading on the west coast, a bottle of wine was passed around, and Jack Kerouac read his soon to be famous poem "Howl". The audience felt so emotional that they began shouting, a tradition that continues when the poem is read today -Urban Dictionary-

Stardom...Lifestyle & Excess

Zero in on you
I look above and see
Vested in me by the state I hereby sentence you to be
And you know I will
And you know I will
Here I come again
Discharge my payload a mile high
And you know I will
Rest assured these things I know
Let's get one thing straight
I look above and see
Now we've rewritten history
Going down full throttle
click for bigger picture.


Style Me:

Top:.::[NerdMonkey] - [Black Lace Bra]::. [Euphoria]

Skirt: GizzA - Sergeant  Suit [Army Green] Skirt [Euphoria]

Accessories: PP - Paulette Hat - Black[Euphoria]/ Cobrahive - Wristband (shima)/ Hand size 10 (L)/NAIL/female[MANDALA]medium

Face: [theSkinnery] Army/Camo makeup-unisex[Euphoria] / *Glance Skins - Anais - December - Glossy 03/ Madrid Solo- Lying Eyes-Solid Black

Hair: ::Exile:: Fade Into You:Cashmere

Disclaimer: I  will not be adding all of the links used combined with the featuring items, but feel free to search the names for the rest of the clothing  if desired or send me a message asking about it.


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