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The 24
August 23rd-31st, 2013
24 Amazing Menswear Designers...
24 Wonderful Womenswear Designers...
24 Fabulous Home Designers...
24 Marvelous Pose Designers...
1 Week...
Will you be able to snap up all these hot limited edition exclusive finds?
You can find more information on the Siren website and of course i will be adding more info on my blog, like calendar, times and much more.

In between gatchas and exclusive goodies at the 24 event, there will be many  fashion shows to give you a good look before you can go shopping.Do like me just have pen and paper to note down the stylish outfits the models will present and the stores that created them so its impossible for you to miss that awesome  look you have seen on the runway.

Note down on your calender for the fashion shows, parties and special presentations.

FRIDAY AUGUST 23rd, 2013
12-1pm SL The 24 Mens Fashion Show
1-3pm SL Siren Productions Opening Party
6-8pm SL KMADD Industry Party

12-1pm SL Gabriel Fashion Show
1-3pm SL AVENUE Industry Party
6-7pm SL The 24 Womens Fashion Show

SUNDAY August 25th, 2013
12-1pm SL LivGlam Fashion Show
6-7pm SL Hush Skins Fashion Show
7-9pm SL DesigningSl Industry Party

MONDAY August 26th, 2013
12-1pm SL Pure Poison Fashion Show
4-5pm SL Katie Keres Sings Live
6-8pm SL Moulin Rouge Party
                Featuring: The Basilique Burlesque Troupe 
TUESDAY August 27th, 2013
12-1pm SL Legal Insanity Fashion Show
4-5pm SL Shasta Soulstar Sings Live
6-8pm SL Adonis Heights Radio Live from The 24

WEDNESDAY August 28th, 2013
12-1pm SL Clef De Peau Fashion Show
1-3pm SL Arcade Magic Party
4-5pm SL Katie Keres Sings Live

THURSDAY August 29th, 2013
1-3pm SL Adonis Heights Radio Live from The 24
4-5pm SL Jacqueline Luik Sings Live
6-8pm SL The Nest Industry Party

FRIDAY August 30th, 2013
12-1pm SL The 24 Womens Fashion Show
4-5pm SL David Paravane Sings Live
6-7pm SL The 24 Mens Fashion Show

SATURDAY August 31st, 2013
12-1pm SL Gizza Creations Fashion Show
1-3pm SL GA Industry Party
6-8pm SL Big Top Closing Party
Featuring: Chang High Sisters

With all this information , i dont want to make the post to long, so have a look at the items i hope to see you at the event.
kiss kiss

Style Me:
(gatcha) [ SAKIDE ] Satin Lace Blouses Cream
Maitreya Zipper-Skinny Jeans * S+ #1
MONS / Makeups - eyeshadow punk (red)
Shakeup! Cosmetics - Teeth with Gap Add-on
Shakeup!Cosmetics - Rio Lipstick [L211]
.:IsoMotion:. Fingernails - Glossy Metallic White Tips
Mr. C - Wild_Onyx
{{BSD Design studio}}supermodel mvw- black croco

Disclaimer: I  will not be adding all of the links used combined with the featuring items, but feel free to search the names for the rest of the clothing  if desired or send me a message asking about it.


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