God of Gods

A P O L L O  - E V I A N

Apollo was the great Olympian god of prophecy and oracles, healing, plague and disease, music, song and poetry, archery, and the protection of the young.

He was depicted as a handsome, beardless youth with long hair and various attributes including:--a wreath and branch of laurel; bow and quiver; raven; and lyre.

click for bigger picture.APOLLO


Ever wondered how the mythological Gods would look like in now, dressed like any other mortal? would you be able to see them from far  in between the other people walking around? Here is your chance. It was very fun trying to snap a picture of  Apollo the God reincarnated in this male model, with the new skin from Egoisme and to complete the look you can also pick up new clothes right there at Egoisme new shopping mall.

Be today the powerful God young and handsome.


Style Me:

Accessories: *ARGRACE* Infinity Scarf / L - Charcoal (Male)/ [SLUG] - ClubMaster Shades - RED & BLACK

Face: Evian Tintable Beard Wolverine (new)/ Evian Tintable Chin Patch B

Hair: Hair CHRIS - WhiteBlond - (resizer) *REDGRAVE*

Shoes: [monso] My Combat Ankle Boots - Black

Disclaimer: I  will not be adding all of the links used combined with the featuring items, but feel free to search the names for the rest of the clothing  if desired or send me a message asking about it.


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