Stop the Violence!

November 25th is the day of stop violence against woman  day, a day  i truly stand  pro in because so many thing happening around us ans sometime we are just to afraid to step forward to help or put a stop to it till its to late. this  specific awareness is one that truly speaks to be me because i can not stand to see  violence against woman or children with out speaking out my mind and most cases its so difficult to help because, the person must first want to be helped  before you can actually achieve something. And most cases they want help when its too late and nothing more can be done. For the sake of this day don't sit back and wait till they are ready , do something because you never know who the person needing your help can be. Growing up  i  have read many books about the subject based on culture, religion  and social status, trying to find the reason behind this and which one is more pro to fight against it or leave it all wash over them and wont ask for help until its to late. Its very hard to say this can never happen to you  because you never know who will be the one inflicting it and can almost never for see the signs until its to late.  And the best way i can advice to stay 0n top of the is knowing about it, learn more and teach others. make people aware of this,some people are living years with this terror, afraid of being abandoned by their family because they step up and fought against it, being brought in a new country  by that one person you trust  and have him break that trust in every way possible and your own family standing behind him  and not you. The  only  only feeling you will get out of this scene is that you failed as a woman  because everything happening to you is what you  have been told that its right. Others are killed, abused or permanently damaged because of sick and jealous people. Why  because for years woman has been show as the weakest link and learned that a women job is to stand behind her husband and family no matter  what she may be going trough, they chose to stick with him for the kinds which many times lead to children abuse too. Through all this pain and abuse one thing we and woman deny to see , it takes a really strong woman to put them self down and take this for the sake of  somebody else but her pain. Be strong  stand for your self and put a stop to it !

I had made this picture a week back but it was randomly with this subject in mind. I was intending to blog it  but waited for this hugely important day. Like many woman suffering from domestic abuse, there will be a dangerous scare on their inner self, a scar that damaged their inner worth and confidence. they will look at them self with the eyes of pain and unable to see their true beauty. On the other side of this there are women living with permanent scares because of of the abuse inflected on them. One tool used is the acid to burn their beauty  and femininity  to keep others from looking at her. to kill the female and her inner strength as a woman. But dont let this bring you down  because Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Different people have different ideas about what is beautiful


I will be adding some good books and a video related to this  day.

Encouragements for the Emotionally Abused Woman: Wisdom and Hope for Women at Any Stage of Emotional Abuse Recovery

In the Life and Mind of a Physically, Mentally, Sexually,& Verbally Abused Woman: This Is My Surviving Story

Confessions of a Battered Woman: A True Story of How an Abused Woman Devised a Plan to Leave Her Batterer and Start a New Life

This video is not very well done but it shows the point  in this movie; Madea's family reunion, madea teaches Lisa how to stand up against her abusive future husband and defend herself

If somebody has a better link of this piece i would love to see it.

I just received an  other video idea for this post from a great friend and will be adding it too.

The Color Purple: Fight My Whole Life

Disclaimer: The movie, pictures and video  are not mines but linked from different sites with you can go directly to them through the links


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