End of the World Fair

 Quote Nikki Demarazi  Notecard;End of the World Fair - Invite!

Hi there! If you're receiving this NC it's because we'd love to have you consider participating in an event thats up-coming! Compiling elements we love from other events we've participated in, my friend Kay and I have formulated the "End of the World Fair" .... you know how the Mayan calendars predicted the end of the world in December this year? Yeh.... we don't believe it either but it's a good excuse for an event!

We're looking for amazing designers - which is where you come in ! Applications can be picked up at this LM :  End of the World Fair -HQ 

Theres a whole lot of information all attached in NC forms at the bottom of this NC for you to peruse and think about whether you might want to join in the fun.

This is the timeline for the event :
01 Dec - Applications for Designers close
02 Dec - Designers will have received welcome packs, hunt signs and confirmation NC
05 Dec - Designer payments Due to rent-boxes at the Fair HQ
10 Dec - Applications for Bloggers close
10 Dec - Blogger Area opens at Fair HQ for designers to rez out blogger boxes
13 Dec - Booths ready for setup at the Fair location
15 Dec - The Fair Begins!
30 Dec - The Fair ends.... and good news that the world didn't end! :P

Booths are 2 options -
Regular - 50prim - $250L
Large - 100prim - $500L

The booths have been created and are REALLY cute wintery builds, and the sim it's being held at is gorgeous - you can check it out at : Image Essestials

Thanks for taking the time to read this - all the NC's you need are attached at the bottom and if you have any questions you can IM Nikki Demarazi or Kay Weston. We'd love to have you involved :)


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