Trick or Treat candy


Fierce**Trick or treat bikini 2012 edition!

It been a while i must say but mostly  due to a very busy schedule and i like seriously need a vacation in second life. It funny because nobody does  come second life to need a vacation.  I must say it does happen and i have seen many that are in the same situation or even worse. It has become their whole second life. Once you have an ambition to achieve something , reach somewhere  It doesn't matter if its the first or second life , you have to work hard , same like the first life. Nobody said it would be easy reaching things and places. It needs more than just ambition to reach there, same like your first life. In my opinion nobody can really detach their personality from the avatar in second life.  Even when some don't look like their own person , everything else is that person. you feel the pain, your experience the join, same as real. because if your avi weren't a shell that hod your inner soul, then that's what they would be. Simple dolls to play with and that doesn't feel not even a tiny heartache. Your avi is you and for some people the you they don't dare to show in their first life while at the same time being brave  to be who they are.

Everybody anxiously awaiting Halloween to reach, i my self love dressing up and the costumes and the candy, yes the candy, even when it will take a year to eat all and as an adult  you have the possibility to dress up naughty. Go to parties  and its not about the candy anymore. I had to pick something to start the month  celebrating. It not a costume but a simple bikini to enhance the Halloween mood. Fierce is known for their Halloween costume and for me keeping it simple while getting ready for the finale day to reach. It will be fun to create Halloween costumes as the days go by.

Style me:

Hair:Action Womens Hair Eleanore - Coal

Swim-wear: Fierce**Trick or treat bikini 2012 edition!

Earrings: Chop Zuey LW Plat/Diamond Stud Earring

Bracelet:  CHOP ZUEY Winter Solstice WG Bracelet

Necklace: CHOP ZUEY Life in Lemuria Necklace

Make-up: [mock] Sahne Bright Red [Lip 1]

Nail: Zaara : Pashmina Shawl *almost black*


Disclaimer: I  will not be adding the links of the clothing used combined with the featuring items, but feel free to search the names for the rest of the clothing  if desired or send me a message asking about it.




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