Remembering 9/11

Today when i saw this sim in the events , i knew i had to visit it. this place only bring tears to my eyes impossible to so sad that even here and not there in real, you can still feel the overwhelming emotions taking over.

After climbing and yes really climbing not floating , all those stairs...i still cant explain how i feel. almost at the end i start feeling tired but before i realise i reached.. This is an amazing sim, the idea ,everything. im glad i did it. So here i add two pics i took before and after climbing the stairs for the cause.


And knowing good that this is a fashion blog i had to add a detail, something i really appreciate from one of the top jewelry stores a little gift from JCNY Collection:

FREE' JCNY - 'I Remember 9/11', Womens Hyper-Gems Necklace

FREE' JCNY - 'I Remember 9/11', Mens Hyper-Gems Necklace


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