My First Try..

I have been thinking about joining a model school on second life so much  but the prices were killing me, seriously. unless i wanted to  get a job which the possibilities are not huge. i wouldn't be able to afford such school, until i made a visit to JCNY jewelry collection  sim.

Here is the slurl:

the jewelry there are so incredible stunning and realistic , i had to have a look around. one thing captured my mind, a great thing actually.


Sorry my caps but i was so happy when i saw that, i could scream through the place. after everything i been told in the second life forum about becoming a model. only thing i was thinking that unless im a genius at editing images, i would not make it there. but right there at that shop they had a poster for a monthly contest.

With this idea in mind i set up to find out what i need to make a chance at winning this contest and a chance at becoming a model. after doing some research in blogs and sites i realize that even when i had the ability , i was not ready yet. walking n an other day in the sh0p checking the beautiful  jewelry i saw one single poster for a model university and holding my breath; It was free!  I took me two days to really think it over with the times and of course my time being in Europe and all. This chance i should not leave it go without trying it.

So far enough of the reason why im trying this whole new experience in blogging, modeling and picture taking in blog. Here  is my first shot, i will not be adding  the details like clothes , hair, skin  because this is just a tryout  for me. There will be many more before i start summing out all the details of the avatar i created in a near  future.

And i hope you like it and comment  on my beginner skills ;)

A simple outfit and me trying out the lights possibilities




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