Here I am suppose to  write about myself, actually i suck at telling about me and i prefer questions. So I will be adding the questions I find around here while i find them. See it as a funny way to get to know me.
What would you ask me if i was right in front of you?

  1. My favorite Designers.  - Ellie Saab, Alexander McQueen and i have more but so far these two i love the use of romantic lace, and regal creation,especially collections using historical pieces as inspirations.
  2. Hermione Mocha I would ask you what you like about blogging? What inspires you to blog, and what are your most favorite outfits to blog about? Blogging for me is like pictures to a photographer. a memory of the styles i made, and more than fashion its the actual art and picture that inspires me to blog, the ability to tell a story with a simple picture combines with the creativity from an outfit. It takes a lot to actually recreate an idea of an outfit into a picture.Its like a painting to a painter, being able to create something out of nothing with all the inspirations surrounding and second life is full of inspirations, more like a huge box of surprises. My most favorite outfits to blog are actually minimalist, for example keeping-it-minimal The A team. I am a huge believer in less is beautiful and its something i been learning with the years. The internal beauty is and will be more beautiful because the external beauty will fade with the age and if you don't have internal beauty, nothing but an empty shell will be left.
  3. Hermione Mocha I would ask you to pass the Bong! lol Lmao to funny, but i never been near drugs. its a topic can play as joke but in real i would not go near it. I seen the effect it has on people close and stayed from any form of it :D
  4. Jade Innis are there any little Zivaahs running around? if so how many? how old are they? I bet the so CUUUUTE! LOL... no.nooooo way. no seriously i am not looking to adopt or have secondlife babies. I like how things are now,i am a free soul that comes and go where ever she wants. so yeah no little Zivaahs running around anytime soon or ever..lmao


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